Generation Alpha and The World of Work

The pandemic has undoubtedly brought along with it many unforeseen side e­ffects for the community.

One e­ffect in regular contention is whether there has been a baby boom as a result of COVID-19. The thinking goes that people spent an increased amount of time at home; there was more consideration about “what or who really matters to me”, i.e. core values and creating stronger relationships with families and friends; and these factors were further fueled by the philosophical and biological questions of our mortality which are raised with any major health crisis. All these reasons, and more, may have coalesced to explain the unexpected increases in birth rates seen in 2020 and 2021 in various parts of the world, including Australia, Nordic countries, and the UK. 

This paves the way for Generation Alpha, a new generation growing up entirely in the 21st century, it is predicted that Alphas will be the most educated, the most technologically advanced, the longest living, and the wealthiest of all generations.

Download this whitepaper to take a closer look at Generation Alpha - their context, their experience, and how these factors might a­ffect the world of work in the near future.

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